* 1969 AMC AMX * 4-Speed 500+HP

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Black
Trim:original 390 Go-Pack car
Number of Cylinders:8
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What we have here is a beautifully redone 1969 AMC AMX.
Update for listing. For those of you paying attention: this car is up for auction again. Now is running and driving great. Just needed the carb primed. as a matter of fact I played with a couple of videos of the car made on Monday Ebay doesn't like posting of external links so it will be available upon request via message. I would also like to add that if there is any aspect of the car that you dont like chances are good that I may be able to find a solution by looking through the rest of my parts (mainly premium parts and/or NOS). For example if you wanted power steering I can probably help with that. IF you dont like the fiberglass hood I can probably help with that. Steering wheel, radio, gauge cluster, whatever just send me a message, and i will see what I can do to help.
align="center"> face="Arial Black" size="2">This car has been completely stripped down to bare metal and redone bolt by bolt. There is well over $50,000 invested in this car, and I assure you that there was NO expense spared. The quick version of what this car has become is this: It's a 530 horsepower, all motor, AMC powered beast for the street that is mated to a fun to drive Super T-10 4-Speed Transmission and some wide BFG's to keep you on your toes all wrapped in a freshly stripped and professionally repainted and rust free straight body. The long version is listed below. Please grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a lot of boring and technical information that only the new owner of the vehicle will really be interested in unless you are an AMC nut.
First off, I would like to inform you that there are going to be MANY things that will not be included in this description juist because there is no way that I will be able to remember it all. I will do my best to paint an accurate picture of what this car is, but I'm warning you that it will sound like a complete slaes pitch because there really is not a large list of bad things about this car. That being said; the car will come with a complete build book (see pictures) that has very specific descriptions and part nuimbers and receipts and everything you will need to gain 100% knowledge on this vehicle. As a matter of fact, I think that if you take the time to add up the reciepts you will likely come close to the $60,000 mark as a total spent.
This car was a 390 Go-Pack car until I messed that up by having a monster of a 401 built and put in. This engine was professionally built by LAM Automotive in Kenosha WI (afterall, Kenosha is the home of AMC). Some of the engine highlights are as follows:
Ported heads 2.100intake 1.688exhaust
Edelbrock Torquer II
Nitrided crank
Full roller motor
242/254/110/.576/.581 Cam
4340 Scat iBeam rods
1.6i Rockers
1.5e Rockers
Demon 850 DblPumper
11.21:1 Compression
Full MSD Ignition
Rev Limited
stainless valves
dual valve springs
double roller timing set
dual feed lines
manley pushrods
electronic fuel pump
Holley 12-803 regulator
acusump pump
Full Dyno and blueprints included along with tuning info
The car also has a new T-10 Transmission from Garage Motorsports in Vancouver WA
centerforce dual friction clutch
Hurst shifter
The rearend gears have been changed out a few times to try to find something that was streetable. The unfortunate truth is that I have no idea what I ended up with in there now. I dont know if they are .318's, .308's or what, but I can tell you that they are the best setup that I've tried to date. Trust me when I say that its WAYYYYY too short if you get in the 400's with this set up. you will spend more time shifting than accelerating, and traction will be enough of an issue as it is.
There is a spec sheet included for the transmission and clutch setup as well.
The interior can be most easily described in one word:
new carpet
new wheel
Newly refinished dash and gauge bezel
best gauges I could find
new seats
new shift boot
new headliner (that is already falling down by the way)
new door cards
Like I said: NEW
Exterior paint is new. The entire car was brought down to BARE METAL. Not a speck of rust was left anywhere. There are pictures in the build book of all of this, and some included in the photos for the listing. There is an old school fiberglass hood that is both ram air and sharkfin in a 68-69 configuration. Very different, and mean looking. The bright silver metallic paint has an awesome glow to it in the light and the metallic black shadowmasking looks amazing especially when set off by the bright orange pin stripe. This is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen (of course there is no accounting for taste) and I'm not just saying that because I chose the colors. It really is a moving masterpiece on the road.
The chassis
(you may notice a reoccurring theme here)
Ball joints, tie rods, etc have all been gone over. If they were in need of replacement then it was replaced with new. Anything that was still in very good condition was left and the front end was aligned after all chassis work.
Rear disk conversion and big front disks
(part numbers and kit details included in book)
New BFG Tires on New American Racing wheels
New bearings
Manual steering box (That means NO POWER STEERING)
which also means that the stupid GM style pump reservoir does not leak!
Lots I'm forgetting, but suffice it to say that the chassis is solid at the least
So you are probably thinking one of two things at this point:
1) This guy is crazy asking almost $30,000 for an AMX!
To that I say this: you're preaching to the choir. It was a labor of love with over $55,000 spent. So if you think that a starting bid of $26,000 is a lot of money then this is not the car for you. These are premium parts in a no-expense-spared car put together by Professionals in their field(s). This is not a barn find that someone buffed up and changed the oil in. This is for all intensive purposes a NEW car from 1969 using today's technology. $30k is cheap, and if you are lucky enough to get it for less its a steal, finally, if you end up spending more than $30,000 you are still getting your money's worth. EASILY.
2) This car is PERFECT. There is not an issue anywhere! It's too good to be true!!!!
Not the case. There are issues. The window glass is wrong. Somehow I ended up putting in glass from a 70 and it needs to be changed in both doors to be right. The gas tank leaks when it is completely full. Probably something stupid seeing as its a new tank, new lines, new pump, new return, new gaskets, newly refinished filler neck. I'm sure its an easy fix, but I have not addressed it. The tach also does not work. Im sure that it just needs a new signal wire to the coil, but for whatever reason it just sits there. Again, have not gotten to it, and it has to be an easy fix. The (damn) headlinner started falling the week after it was installed. There is WAY too much power for way too little traction. For fun I took it to the drag strip one time. that will be its only trip there from me. It is estimated by race engine and car builders that this car is capable of at the least low 11 second quarter mile times so I wanted to see (just for fun) what it would do. 16 seconds. Yep, 3 gears worth of rubber down the strip completely killed that dream of mine. I cant bring myself to abuse it and put drag radials or slicks on it so I guess it will just have to be slow in the 1/4, but know that it is able to do exponentially better than that. I just had zero traction. Never did I expect to turn 11's on street tires, but under a 14 would have been nice. It was embarrassing and I learned my lesson. The exhaust is loud. Really loud. Feel it in your chest loud. Biggest ceramic headers to 3 inch duals loud. Spend $1000 to change the mufflers to quiet it down and still have it too loud for my liking, loud. Finally there is the issue of it being a race motor in a street car. It takes a minimum of premium fuel with 50/50 race fuel recommended. The plugs are fouled out right now because I do not drive this car the way that it begs to be driven. If you are going to put around town with it like I have it will need to be tuned down. If you are going to rip it down the street every weekend you take it out you will just need to change the plugs and add fuel. A lot of fuel because she's thirsty!
I thought I knew what I wanted. I built what I've always dreamed of, and its too much car for me. I will never be able to enjoy it to its fullest and for that reason I have decided to sell it to someone that has a good home for it and is able to car for it and treat it the way it deserves to be treated as opposed to change anything. It would be like drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa, and I cannot bring myself to do that. This truly is a find. An amazing machine that turns heads and deafens bystanders. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the car as much as i have enjoyed building it.
If you have any questions please feel free to call 847-417-8812.
Thanks for looking.
Good luck and happy bidding.

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